We all know that it’s not good to judge a book by its cover. However, it is difficult to resist judging a business by its reception area. The reception area of your business might be the first thing a customer sees. Without a doubt, they will create an opinion of your business based on what they see while they wait for their appointment. There are a lot of mistakes that can ruin the first impression of your business, from lingering lunch odors to messy counters and filthy carpets.  

You can help guarantee your business creates a positive first impression on contacts and clients if you have an inviting reception area.  

Aside from hiring a professional office cleaner Brisbane, here are several ways to keep your reception area clean: 

Add Features 

A small recycling bin and waste receptacle are a vital amenity in a reception area. These features will guarantee visitors can conveniently get rid of the trash without leaving waste in the area. You might also want to install a water dispenser if you want to improve comfort in your reception area.  

Concentrate on Flooring 

Perhaps your reception will obtain a high level of footfall since people will probably have to pass through the reception area. This might mean that your reception flooring or carpet needs more frequent mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming. You’ve got to guarantee you install a useful doormat or boot scraper at the entrance of your property. This will help avoid debris and mud tracking inside the area. Also, you should think about floor maintenance in this area more often.  

Get Rid of Stale Odors 

It isn’t avoidable that workplace odors such as Tupperware lunches and coffee will reach reception if you’ve got an open space. If possible, lower these odors in your reception area since odors can greatly affect the first impression of a visitor on your business. You can restrict food consumption in the reception area. Also, you should think about utilizing scent diffusers or essential oil burners to guarantee your reception smells great. Several screens might protect this entrance area and offer a bit more privacy for your employees.  

Make Space 

A crowded and cluttered reception space won’t make your visitors comfortable. It will have a negative impact on your business. It shows that you’ve got limited space and your business might be disorganized. Though a couple of medium and small-sized businesses have the budget for an elegant and huge waiting area, there are several steps you can take to make your reception feel bigger. 

  • Furniture 

Streamline and lower furniture pieces in your reception area. This will help maximize space.  

  • Cut the Counter 

Think about opting for a mounted tablet where visitors can check-in if your space is too small for a reception desk. 

  • Lower Magazines 

Though a couple of businesses try to have as much as magazines as possible. A regularly refreshed and small collection of magazines will be enough. 

  • Address The Clutter 

Look for a concealed or alternative area if your reception area doubles as a space for stationery and files.