Does a Clean Office Make You Productive? YES! 

We could not deny that clutters, garbage, unorganized things, and a topsy-turvy place will stress us. It is not only applicable at home but also at work. We want to have a clean and organize office to work comfortably. We want to have a clean table, well-arranged chairs, a neat environment, and a good smell atmosphere. A clean office will not cause anxiety to its people, but it clears their mind and will cause an increase in productivity. It is also a conducive place for working that will lead to more ideas on how to solve the problems creatively.  

However, as a business owner, you should remember that it is not your employee`s responsibility to clean their workplace. It is your responsibility to hire someone who will deal with the clutters and get rid of them. It is your responsibility as the owner to maintain your place organized and neat for your employees. The best solution to this problem is to hire an office cleaning company. They will ensure that your company is free from bacteria and viruses that might put the health of your employees in trouble. Well, if you want to hire a trustworthy, proven, tested, and guaranteed company in the field of office cleaning, hiring our company is the best thing. Our company has what it takes to give services like no other! 

Cleaning your office means getting rid of the things that will affect your employees’ performance. It also means that you will get rid of the things that will distract them from doing their job properly. There are ways on how to clean your office for better productivity. These include the following: 

  1. If you want to have an office where negativity could not grow and foster, cleaning it regularly is the best thing. Research shows that a tidy workplace will prevent the employees from creating creative ideas.  
  1. Hide electrical wirings and chargers to make things organized. You can have a surge protector to cut the clutters. It is also best to have a work desk that has an area where we can put wires.  
  1. It is best to avoid using papers, if only necessary. At this moment, many companies are adopting the digital way of working. In this manner, there will be no papers on the tables that are unpleasant to look at by employees. If papers are present, it is best to have boxes and file holders to make it look neat and clean.  
  1. Arrange the working chairs and tables properly. Always remember that teamwork is important to your company, so you must arrange everything in your place that are convenient for your employees. Avoid placing and putting file boxes that are not necessary on the corners. You should also throw or recycle unnecessary things to cut clutters effectively.  
  1. Be more sensitive to the interior design of your workplace. We would not deny that there are offices that have a distracting interior design. As an owner, bear in mind that you should have an interior design that will make your people focus on working.  

Furthermore, if you want to keep in touch with the best office cleaner nowadays, hiring our company is the best to do. For more details, you may contact us for free! 

Tips in Cleaning an Office Restroom 

Cleaning office restrooms is a task in which almost every business opts to leave to the experts. However, restroom cleaning does not have to be an unpleasant or tricky job. Keeping sinks and toilets in the spotless condition is not an impossible job for business owners who are keen to save some cash, wear their rubber gloves, and roll up their sleeves.  

However, it’s vital that you properly do restroom cleaning. Sub-par cleaning can make your property dirty, with possible negative health consequences to your employees. Aside from that, a restroom that feels uncared for and dirty will negatively affect the morale of your employees.  

If you really don’t want to hire office cleaning professionals, here are a couple of tips you can follow: 

Complete Spot Checks 

To guarantee facilities are well-stocked, hygienic, and clean, make routine spot checks in office restrooms. There are a lot of minor problems that can result in your restroom looking unprofessional and unclean from toilet paper unspooling to muddy mornings. Routine check-ups will guarantee they’re dealt with as they happen.  

Make a Checklist 

It is vital to pay attention to every area to guarantee your restroom stays sparkling clean. To guarantee no vital elements go overlooked, you can create a checklist. There are a couple of things you have to do to completely clean your office restroom. This includes: 

  • Replace paper towels, soap, toilet rolls, and much more. 
  • Polish and clean mirrors 
  • Wipe accessories down. This includes hand dryers and soap dispensers. 
  • Clean surfaces. This includes door handles, doors, and sink surrounds. 
  • Clean flooring. His is particularly true behind toilets and in corners. 
  • Clean the interior and exterior of every toilet. 
  • Empty and clean sanitary bins. 

Create a Schedule 

Non-crucial jobs such as bathroom cleaning can immediately fall behind on your to-do list whenever you are operating a business. That’s why you have to choose a schedule that you can always follow. This is extremely helpful given the level of usage your restrooms get. For small businesses, a deep clean every week is enough. However, an additional “quick clean” every mid-week will guarantee your facilities stay in excellent condition. 

Have The Right Tools 

It will be a lot simpler for you to clean the restrooms if you have the right tools. You’ve got to guarantee your restrooms are filled with automatic soap dispensers to lower sticky messes caused by bar soap and enhance hand hygiene. Aside from that, installing hand dryers will lower paper waste and enhance hygiene. 

You also have to make sure your supply closet and restroom is filled with eco-friendly cleaning products in terms of cleaning products. This includes anti-bacterial surface spray, toilet cleaner, toilet brushes, and reusable microfiber cloth. Also, you might need a glass cleaner to maintain a clean mirror. Creating your own mixture is the one eco-friendly alternative. You can do this by combining vinegar and water. If you want, you can also add several drops of essential oil. This will make your restroom smell and feel fresh and clean.  

How to Have a Clean Office Reception Area 

We all know that it’s not good to judge a book by its cover. However, it is difficult to resist judging a business by its reception area. The reception area of your business might be the first thing a customer sees. Without a doubt, they will create an opinion of your business based on what they see while they wait for their appointment. There are a lot of mistakes that can ruin the first impression of your business, from lingering lunch odors to messy counters and filthy carpets.  

You can help guarantee your business creates a positive first impression on contacts and clients if you have an inviting reception area.  

Aside from hiring a professional office cleaner Brisbane, here are several ways to keep your reception area clean: 

Add Features 

A small recycling bin and waste receptacle are a vital amenity in a reception area. These features will guarantee visitors can conveniently get rid of the trash without leaving waste in the area. You might also want to install a water dispenser if you want to improve comfort in your reception area.  

Concentrate on Flooring 

Perhaps your reception will obtain a high level of footfall since people will probably have to pass through the reception area. This might mean that your reception flooring or carpet needs more frequent mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming. You’ve got to guarantee you install a useful doormat or boot scraper at the entrance of your property. This will help avoid debris and mud tracking inside the area. Also, you should think about floor maintenance in this area more often.  

Get Rid of Stale Odors 

It isn’t avoidable that workplace odors such as Tupperware lunches and coffee will reach reception if you’ve got an open space. If possible, lower these odors in your reception area since odors can greatly affect the first impression of a visitor on your business. You can restrict food consumption in the reception area. Also, you should think about utilizing scent diffusers or essential oil burners to guarantee your reception smells great. Several screens might protect this entrance area and offer a bit more privacy for your employees.  

Make Space 

A crowded and cluttered reception space won’t make your visitors comfortable. It will have a negative impact on your business. It shows that you’ve got limited space and your business might be disorganized. Though a couple of medium and small-sized businesses have the budget for an elegant and huge waiting area, there are several steps you can take to make your reception feel bigger. 

  • Furniture 

Streamline and lower furniture pieces in your reception area. This will help maximize space.  

  • Cut the Counter 

Think about opting for a mounted tablet where visitors can check-in if your space is too small for a reception desk. 

  • Lower Magazines 

Though a couple of businesses try to have as much as magazines as possible. A regularly refreshed and small collection of magazines will be enough. 

  • Address The Clutter 

Look for a concealed or alternative area if your reception area doubles as a space for stationery and files.  

Minor Approaches to Improve SEO Rankings 

A lot of people consider SEO as one of the most difficult aspects of marketing to succeed in. That’s why it has a bad reputation. 

Of course, SEO is not that simple. However, it is also not true that improving your SEO rankings is impossible. You can have a super complicated and long-term tactic that is going to land you as the first search result when it comes to your SEO tactic. You can also have a simple and short-term SEO tactic that simply helps improve your rankings. It does not have to be extremely complicated and it can be done in several hours. 

Aside from hiring a digital marketing agency Brisbane, here are several small ways to improve your SEO rankings: 

Republish and Update Older Content 

For all aspects of your marketing tactic, efficiency is key. This includes your social, SEO, and content strategy. You do not really have to write new content regularly if you’ve got blog posts already on your site. Do you have an article a couple of years ago that did great but it is now getting lower page views every month?  

You can bring that article back rather than leaving it to die.  

You can search through your old articles to see if you can update a couple of them. You can even simply make them better and then republish them. In addition to that, you do not even have to make a new article, you can simply modify that publish date of the article to the date that you want to publish it.  

This will save you a lot of time since you won’t have to make new content every single time.  

Do Not Skip Out on Your Meta Description 

Though your meta description does have nothing to do with your SEO ranking, it does have an impact on whether or not users click on your content. You can improve your SEO ranking by having a great meta description that makes users feel like it is impossible not to read your content.  

For those who don’t know, a meta description is an excerpt that goes under the title of a post or page on Google.  

Fix Broken Links 

This might not appear like a great deal. However, your users and Google are going to be dissatisfied in you if your content is filled with broken links that direct to 404 pages.  

On the side of users, you are generating a bad user experience if they want to watch another video or read another article and the links are broken. If that user is new to your brand, he/she is going to make a judgment that you aren’t really reliable.  

Make Sure Your Content is Readable 

The page duration is one aspect of the ranking factor of your page’s SEO. For those who don’t know, page duration is the term used for how much time a user spent on your website. There are a couple of approaches to ensure that users do not bounce off of your page.